Chances are we’re all chowing down on loaded nachos, buffalo wings, and steaming-hot pizza when this email gets sent out…  It’s Super Bowl Sunday after all!

This night goes down every year as one of America’s most spectacular events.  It’s an ode to a great American pastime, an over-the-top showcase of consumerism, and an excuse to eat piles of food in the name of a good time.  What more could we ask for?

Since reading this blog is the last thing most of you are thinking about this weekend, I’ll keep it short, sweet and (hopefully) interesting.

Here are a few fun facts for Super Bowl LII:

1) We will consume 28 million pounds of potato chips — That’s enough potato chips to cover the entire state of Arizona.

2) Over 110 million people are expected to watch — This viewership is larger than the populations of the United Kingdom and Spain combined.  We’re talking about A LOT of people.

3) We’re projected to buy 1.35 billion chicken wings — Stretched end to end along Interstate 95, these wings would span the distance between Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA…  A staggering 250 times!

4) A 30 sec. advertising spot costs $5 million — This same money could be used to purchase this private jet or this Miami mansion.  It could also be put towards feeding 100,000 kids in a developing country for a year (using the common $50/year statistic).

On that note…  Enjoy the big game!  I’ll see you next Sunday at 8:30pm with the typical thought-provoking articles you’ve gotten used to!  🙂

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