Well, friends…  We’ve made it 45 weeks together so far.

I have 7 more articles lined up before we conclude the year-long challenge of spending each and every Sunday evening together.

Instead of waiting until the very end to debrief, there are a few thoughts I want to share with you now.  More importantly, I want to take this opportunity to hear your feedback.

Which articles have been your favorite?  What needs to change?  How can I engage you even more in the weekly publication?

Hit reply, and I’ll work to make the upcoming blogs even better than the rest.

To start things off, I want to first share my list of shortcomings.  These are all factors I would change for future blogs.  If you’re considering starting a blog yourself, I encourage you to take this list to heart.

1) It’s Not Specific Enough to Grow — I started this blog as a personal project.  I wanted to research questions that interested me and share my personal experiences.

By its very nature, this blog was designed to be sporadic.

However, as the project has progressed, I realized the lack of consistency was hurting my audience.  One week I’m talking about Amazon’s HQ2 in Miami and and the next I’m ranting about job interviews or frolicking around Russia.

As my girlfriend so wisely explained, it’s almost impossible to share this blog with people.  You can’t say…  “Hey Bob, check out this cool blog about _________.”

My blog has no theme.  It’s random.

2) I Don’t Leverage Enough Partnerships — Let’s face it.  The same type of content from the same person each week can get boring.

Moving forward, I plan to include guest writers and partner with organizations that are working on topics related to my interests.

I only have one voice and can only spread the word so far.  To make this bigger than myself, I need outside help.

3) I Don’t Time Publications Well — People want to engage with content that is relevant.  One of my favorite articles is the one I wrote about J. Robert Oppenheimer (the “Father of the Atomic Bomb”), but I’m afraid it’s not particularly timely.

The vast majority of people aren’t searching for theoretical physicists who died in the 60s.  And even if they are, my blog isn’t centered on one consistent theme to keep them around.

What do you think?  I want to hear your objective, honest feedback.  We’re in this together.

You don’t even have to put your comments in a compliment sandwich.

See you next Sunday at 8:30pm.  🙂

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After graduating from Elon University, I moved to Miami, FL through the Venture For America Fellowship Program.

Miami has since become my home where I spend my free time running, biking, taking pictures, and trying to become friends with Pitbull.

I'm always looking for the next challenge.  That's exactly why I started my own business-to-business sales company, launched the Miami Talent Pipeline, and most recently committed to sharing 52 ideas with you for the next year.

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