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Why I’m Sharing 52 Times
April 16, 2017  |  Austin RhoadsAustin Rhoads pointing with orange foam finger

This week, I made the decision to publish one piece of work every Sunday evening for the next year.  That’s 52 articles and/or videos about my life, business, travels, adventures around Miami, addiction to running, etc.


I’ve been thinking about committing to this project for months but haven’t pulled the trigger for one reason:  It scares the hell out of me.


Up until this point, I wasn’t convinced I could come up with something meaningful to share every single week.  I’m not particularly funny.  My understanding of pop culture is weak.  I’m not (yet) doing the things that normally wind up in cool recurring blogs — traveling the world on a motorcycle, eating my way through every fried chicken restaurant in the American south, or saving a rainforest with my bare hands and shovel.


I’m a relatively average dude who dislikes sharing personal details with people…  A winning combo for this type of project, don’t ya think?


The truth is, I don’t really care if I don’t fit the persona of the ideal 21st century blogger.  Gaining followers or building an internet personality is not why I decided to take on this project in the first place.


I committed to this project because it’s really really hard.


Publishing 51 more times over the next year will be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done in my life.  It will test my creativity, ability to stay current, and desire to view the world from different perspectives.  More importantly, my hope is it will encourage each of you to spend <5 min. with me each Sunday evening thinking of topics other than your latest Netflix binger.


I’m confident you’ll find my ideas valuable.  If even one person reads one of my posts and applies one learning to their life, my mission is complete.

South Beach - Miami, FL

The next 51 posts are going to be raw.  They’re going to be thought-provoking.  I guarantee you’ll laugh at least once and cry at least once.


I do hope you’ll find value in this journey I’m about to embark on.


See you here next Sunday.

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I'm always looking for the next challenge.  That's exactly why I started my own business-to-business sales company, launched the Miami Talent Pipeline, and most recently committed to sharing 52 ideas with you for the next year.

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